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News Around Our Town 

The Board of Selectmen have approved the following:

Rt. 57 Update from Ct DOT

Route 57 at Timber Mill Lane and Old Weston Road will have a traffic shift beginning Friday October 27, 2017. 

Currently, the work zone is closed to traffic on the west side (downhill) of RT 57.  Excavation and concrete construction to install the new box culvert is complete on this half. 

Pavement will be placed Thursday Oct. 26th.  and this side will be open to traffic with one lane in each direction the next day

 At that time, the east side (uphill) will be closed to traffic with concrete jersey barrier to begin excavation and installation of the concrete box culvert on that half starting next week.

 This will allow area for the runners participating in the Reservoir Run on Sunday Oct. 29.

 Traffic will remain open to travel in one lane each direction throughout the construction season and access will be maintained to side roads


Weston made the NY TIMES!

"Off the rail line and away from the shore, Weston is quiet and wooded. Houses are spread far apart, thanks to the minimum two-acre zoning, and there are no sidewalks. Commercial development is largely limited to a single plaza in the town center, where the market, pharmacy, hardware store and sole restaurant are housed behind identical brick storefronts... "  

Click here to read this wonderful article about our special little town!


Proposed Dog Park Documents

Summary and Documentation as of August 24, 2017

*Attachment #1 - Parks and Recreation Commission Recommendations, April 19, 2017

*Attachment #2 - Town Engineer's Study of April 20, 2017

*Attachment #3 - Mark Harper, Weston Animal Control Officer, April 24, 2017

*Attachment #4 - Town Engineer, Letter, Spring 2017

*Attachment #5 - Spreadsheet Comparison of Sites

*Attachment #6 - Letters of Notification, June 21, 2016

*Attachment #7 - 8-24 Application to P&Z by Woody Bliss, First Selectman, Nov. 14, 2002

*Attachment #8 - Minutes of Town Meeting, January 9, 2003; and Vote on Moore Property

*Attachment #9 - Executor's Deed, February 13, 2003 8-24

*Attachment #10 - Westport Weston Health District, April 12, 2017, Director Mark Cooper

*Attachment #11 - Weston Conservation Commission Permit, February 23, 2017

*Attachment #12 - 8-24 Application to P&Z, March 28, 2017

*Attachment #13 - P&Z Report on the Proposed Dog Park to be located on the Moore Property & Dissenting Minority Report, May 1, 2017

*Attachment #14 - Dog Park Rules, revised August 21, 2017

*Attachment #15 - Memorandum of Understanding, Aug. 21, 2017

*Attachment #16 - Construction Cost Estimates, revised Aug. 3, 2017, John Conte

*Attachment #17 - Projected Maintenance Costs, revised Aug. 23, 2017, J. Luiz

*Attachment #18 - Dog Park Visualization Map, Aug. 2017

*Attachment #19 - Traffic Impact Analysis, Aug. 1, 2017

*Attachment #20 - Drainage Report, Aug. 10, 2017

*Attachment #21 - Sight Line Map, July 31, 2017

**Attachment #22 - Letter from Town Engineer to Police Commission, Sept 5, 2017


Meeting Calendar


Building Committee - Agenda (rev)

TH Meeting Room
07:30 PM

Parks and Recreation Commission - Agenda

TH Commission Room
07:45 PM

Republican Town Committee

TH Meeting Room
08:00 PM

Democrat Town Committee

TH Meeting Room
07:00 PM

Board of Finance

TH Meeting Room
07:30 PM

Sustainability Committee

TH Commission Room
07:30 PM